Universal Events Attracts Career-Minded College Graduates

The leaders at Universal Events are building their team with a focus on adding sharp college graduates. The firm's president shared her thoughts on hiring new grads and discussed what makes them stand out.

“Recent college graduates provide a ton of value to companies,” declared Universal Events’ president. “They are open to learning new tasks because they’re still in student mode. That means you can train them in complex new skills fairly easily. Our firm relies on innovative methods of promotion, and we’re always looking to update our research techniques. When new hires have an enthusiasm to master new skills, you’ve already won half the battle.”

Along with being open-minded, new college graduates are also at ease working with modern technology. As the president added, “Adapting to the latest tech tools may not be so easy for seasoned professionals. However, when we add motivated young people right out of college, they always seem to be in tune with the newest devices. When it comes to analyzing markets and demographics, that comfort level is very helpful.”

"LinkedIn profile shows me that a candidate is serious about making connections and building a career. "

Harmony, President

Universal Events’ President on How New Grads Can Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market

As Universal Events’ president put it, “Those who are finishing college this year shouldn’t worry if they don’t have experience. There are things they can do to make favorable impressions on hiring managers that go beyond their work histories.” 

She recommends creating a LinkedIn profile, for one thing. As she explained, “Even if it only includes scant work experience, a LinkedIn profile shows me that a candidate is serious about making connections and building a career. It’s also a great way to stay updated on happenings in an intended job field.”

The firm’s president also encourages graduates to serve internships if possible. As she stated, “Sometimes, an internship is just about getting comfortable in an office setting. Students may not do an awful lot during their time as interns, but they do get to see how a workplace functions. That can be as important as learning basic tasks.”

Universal Events Begins Hiring Push

The president and other leaders at Universal Events are scouting talent to join their team of promotional specialists. They are seeking people who want to develop along with a growing and vibrant firm. As the president commented, “We want to identify candidates who have a real passion for the industry. Any addition to our team will need to be determined to improve on a daily basis. We’re committed to excellence here at Universal Events. Only those with a drive to succeed should apply.”

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