Universal Events Builds Leadership and Networking Prowess

The management team at Universal Events emphasizes leadership skills when hiring new associates. The firm's president discussed this commitment to developing leaders and also shared some helpful networking tips.

When adding to their exceptional team, the leaders at Universal Events stress the importance of leadership abilities. As Harmony H., the firm’s president, explained, “Passionate, business-minded individuals will find incredible opportunities with our company. Those who show a capacity to lead, though, are likely to find an even more rewarding professional path. We make it our top priority to identify and develop influential, confident business leaders.”

Confidence is a key element of becoming a respected leader in the business world, and Harmony seeks to build it in all of her team members. As she put it, “Arrogance doesn’t work in business situations, but you must exude confidence to inspire trust and win the admiration of others. We constantly remind our associates that they must be willing to put their egos aside and cooperate with people while still maintaining belief in their own abilities. Great professionals and leaders listen to different opinions, and we make sure that our team members are open to various perspectives.”

"One way to break the ice at a bustling industry convention or any other networking situation is to ask easy questions,"

Harmony, President

Universal Events President Offers Tips for More Effective Networking

Networking events can be intimidating, especially for those with no experience making connections in crowded spaces. The Universal Events leadership group recognizes the importance of networking in the modern business landscape, and they send their team members to a wide range of industry events with an eye toward expanding their professional networks. The firm’s president shared some of her favorite networking strategies.

“One way to break the ice at a bustling industry convention or any other networking situation is to ask easy questions,” said Harmony. “Making meaningful connections at events like these is really all about listening, so I think it’s better to ask questions than to spend too much time telling someone about yourself. Even something as simple as asking what brought him or her to the event is enough to get a good conversation going, so I remind my associates not to force overly complicated conversations.”

Harmony also encourages her team members to keep their focus on building relationships when networking. She explained, “It’s natural to feel some pressure to make a deal or sale at these events, but you really should keep things light and informal. The idea is really just to get the conversation started. If someone does ask directly about your company, you should be ready with a quick and easy description. Otherwise, there’s no need to give the hard sell when you’re just trying to get to know someone.”

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