Universal Events Embraces the Benefits of a Career Mind-Set

The team members at Universal Events do more than hold down jobs. They are empowered to traverse ambitious career paths. The firm's president discussed the benefits of career fitness.

“I am fully aware that Universal Events would not know such success without our talented team,” said Harmony H., the firm’s president. “I’m committed to keeping it that way, too. It’s why I’m careful to only hire those who are passionate about learning and growth.”

According to Harmony, the firm’s philosophy is based largely on professional development. “I onboard people who I think have the potential to continue with us on a long-term basis,” she stated. “The process of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training requires quite the investment. I want to make sure the returns are worth it both for the company and the individual. If we don’t facilitate advancement, our workers will take their knowledge and skills elsewhere. The only way to keep them engaged is to give them the ability to advance. That’s why our career track is so important!”

"I onboard people who I think have the potential to continue with us on a long-term basis,"

Harmony, President

Harmony indicated that it isn’t difficult to identify career-mindedness in candidates. They’re the people who ask how advancement is handled, what type of training is offered along the way, and about how others in similar positions have progressed. Such inquiries, as well as clear passion and positive attitudes, are obviously good signs as well. All this represents a strong work ethic and motivation to succeed.

Universal Events President Explains the Relationship Between Professional Advancement and Career Fulfillment

While the opportunity to forge a rewarding career path is certainly appealing, it isn’t enough to ensure professional fulfillment. Harmony pointed out that there are countless top-level executives who don’t feel truly happy. “Career fulfillment comes when you feel wholly satisfied with what you do,” she continued. “It comes when you know you make a valuable impact in the lives of others.”

As a result of their own feelings of fulfillment, the Universal Events team members look forward to going to work every day. The firm’s supportive and inspiring culture further adds to their engagement. “Anyone who dreads going to his or her workplace because it is overflowing with negativity, with little likelihood of change, should probably reassess his or her options,” Harmony concluded. “Even if the work itself is great, the toxicity will hinder any chances of feeling fulfilled – even if you’re a leader in the organization. I’m so grateful our workplace is nothing like that. I’m confident everyone here is happy with their careers while remaining eager to learn.”

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