Universal Events Enjoys Annual Retreat, Toy Drive

Universal Events' President detailed a recent trip that brought the firm's associates closer together. She also highlighted the importance of giving back during the holidays and a toy drive in which the company is taking part.

Universal Events’ team members have the opportunity to earn a wide range of travel incentives. One of the most coveted is the annual retreat to Lake Tahoe, which a hand-selected group of goal crushers attended during the last weekend of November. Harmony, the firm’s President, explained, “It was a memorable getaway for sure, and I know those who weren’t selected to attend are already working to be chosen next year.”

Seven individuals from Universal Events were picked to venture out to Lake Tahoe, along with five other industry leaders. Attendees stayed in what can only be described as a mansion and enjoyed a picturesque lake cruise. The President added, “We also had a great barbecue and dined at a high-end club. It was a trip we will all remember for quite some time, and I know our people grew closer on a personal level through the experience.”

"It was a memorable getaway for sure, and I know those who weren't selected to attend are already working to be chosen next year."

Harmony, President

Harmony values team getaways such as the Lake Tahoe retreat because they allow professionals to interact away from the pressures of daily work. “I think it’s crucial to gain a fresh perspective on your work from time to time,” she stated. “If you don’t get some distance from demanding projects on a regular basis, you start to lose sight of why you do the work you do. Our Universal Events associates always benefit from a few days of relaxation, and they come back to the office rejuvenated and ready to tackle big challenges.”

Universal Events’ President Discusses Giving Back During the Holidays and the Annual Toy Drive

Harmony and the rest of the Universal Events leadership team understand the importance of giving back to the community. This commitment to making a positive difference becomes even stronger during the holiday season. The President explained, “We want to help those in need and make their holidays a little brighter. In the process, our team members get to collaborate on missions that go beyond our company’s long-term goals. There’s a real camaraderie-boosting power in working together to help others.”

With all this in mind, Harmony announced the firm’s annual toy drive. “Every December, the Universal Events team is proud to start a toy drive to make the season happier for less-fortunate children. We couldn’t be more pleased to do this, and it gives everyone a little extra bounce in their steps right through the end of the year.”

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