Universal Events Focuses on Customers to Ensure Growth

Universal Events' president outlined the importance of good customer service. She also discussed the firm's expansion plans amid strong industry growth.

The leaders at Universal Events pay heed to the numbers when it comes to providing great customer service. Harmony, the president of the firm, explained that according to one study, 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with companies after receiving poor service. That is a number businesses cannot ignore. She views the serious statistic as further evidence that customer care must be a top concern.

She went on to explain that another study showed that consumers are twice as likely to share a bad customer service experience as they are to talk about a good one. “We’re well aware of how much a bad interaction sticks with a customer,” said the president at Universal Events. “With that in mind, we work hard every day to make sure that we provide experiences that are memorable for how positive they are. Our team members are well versed in what it takes to engage people and leave them wanting more.”

Respecting our customers leads to great things for our company and for every brand we promote. We will continue doing everything we can to ensure unique and uplifting buying interactions.

Harmony, President

According to Bain & Company, increasing customer retention levels by 10% leads to a 30% boost in a company’s value. Harmony and the rest of the Universal Events team look to these numbers to guide their customer service training. As she put it, “Respecting our customers leads to great things for our company and for every brand we promote. We will continue doing everything we can to ensure unique and uplifting buying interactions.”

Universal Events’ President Discusses the Company’s Plans for Expansion and Growth

As the marketing industry continues to thrive, the leaders at Universal Events have lofty growth plans for the coming years. “We know companies must be adept at researching markets and crafting distinctive campaigns to achieve lasting success,” added the president. “My colleagues and I are more committed than ever to produce big wins for the brands we represent.”

Entering new markets is a key aspect of company leaders’ plans for continuing growth. As Harmony explained, “We have plans to open major new markets over the coming months, and we couldn’t be more excited about the potential rewards of doing so. Our team members are so effective at engaging the public. I know that we are going to enhance brand loyalty and exposure for our business partners as we continue to broaden our reach. It’s an exciting time for everyone here at Universal Events, and I can’t wait to see how much we accomplish in the coming years.”

About Universal Events, Inc.

Universal Events, Inc. strives to offer businesses dynamic and interactive advertising strategies to entice both new and existing markets. The firm's promotion specialists generate outstanding results based on thorough market knowledge, consumer buying behavior, and industry trends. Universal Events, Inc. uses interactive strategies because they are effective. Their customized plans reach consumers directly to raise brand awareness and encourage loyalty quickly so that clients experience fast paced growth and accelerated market entry. The firm’s campaigns can also be customized to strengthen a client's position in their current markets or facilitate entry into a new market. Universal Events, Inc. delivers high conversion rates through precision planning, team collaboration, and adaption if trends change. These innovative approaches hit the mark with great efficiency.