Universal Events Focuses on Positive Company Culture

The leaders at Universal Events discussed the benefits of a strong company culture. The firm's president explained how a positive atmosphere enables the company to attract and retain top talent.

“Having a positive company culture is a key factor in our success,” stated Harmony, the president of Universal Events. “How we work on a daily basis impacts how members of our team interact with each other, our customers, and the brands we represent.”

At Universal Events, the company’s culture is more than just talk. “Our leaders set the example by living the culture we promote,” said Harmony. “We integrate the company’s values into everything we do. This includes hiring, communication, and recognition. When everyone adopts the same standards, we maintain consistency throughout the firm.”

"Our leaders set the example by living the culture we promote,"

Harmony, President

With the company’s values come common goals. “Our team focus enables us to execute our strategies,” added Harmony. “Everyone understands how their efforts affect the bottom line, so they are motivated to win. In addition, our customers share a consistent, positive experience with each member of our organization.”

“In this era of social media, the perception of your organization speaks volumes. You can be sure that individuals who have interacted with your firm will have something to say about it,” said Harmony. “Our positive culture shows the world that when you engage with us, it will be a favorable experience.”

Universal Events Positive Culture Retains and Attracts Top Talent

The firm’s strong culture has attracted interest from job seekers. “Universal Events is a great place to work, so everyone wants to be here,” said Harmony. “We have been inundated with resumes from many talented individuals.”  However, team members still actively participate in college job fairs and recruiting seminars to find great people. “We still want to see who we can find,” she added.

“When we hire new associates, their abilities to fit within our culture are of the utmost importance,” added the president. “It’s critical to find the right expertise, but it’s equally critical to identify candidates who will thrive in our environment. We need solid team players, not hotshots.”

“One of the greatest benefits of our culture is that most people who join the team want to develop their careers here,” said Harmony. “People want to work in a setting where they can learn and enjoy their jobs. Here at Universal Events, we challenge everyone to grow and exceed our expectations.”

Harmony and her team believe that the firm’s culture will propel Universal Events to even greater achievements. “By focusing on a strong company culture, we have planned for long-term success,” she said. “Our team has a strong sense of purpose which has enabled us to perform better than anyone expected. We are looking forward to continued work with a robust team and a great group of customers.”

About Universal Events, Inc.

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