Universal Events Gives Back, Builds Team in Process

Universal Events' President outlined the wide-ranging volunteer events the firm's associates pursued in 2015. She also highlighted a few of the benefits of giving back to the community.

Company leaders at Universal Events emphasize supporting the communities in which the team is active. Associates have taken this commitment to serve a variety of volunteer events, including many pursuits in 2015. “Our team has just completed a year of rewarding service,” stated Harmony, the company’s President. “We always look forward to supporting give back opportunities, and we had fun doing so this past year. As we jump into 2016, we have already planned some exciting new giveback pursuits. I can’t wait to extend our commitment to philanthropy in 2016.”

Universal Events’ team members support everything from animal rescue organizations to shelters for victims of domestic abuse. Harmony and the rest of the firm’s leaders don’t put any limits on their giveback efforts. The President explained, “If there is a cause near and dear to any team member’s heart, we will find a way to contribute to it. There are so many people and worthy charities in need of volunteers and financial assistance, and we at Universal Events are honored to do whatever we can to make a positive impact.”

"It's about helping people first and foremost,"

Harmony, President

There are real commercial benefits to giving back, although they aren’t the primary reasons for the team’s charitable efforts. “It’s about helping people first and foremost,” Harmony added. “However, I can’t deny that it’s nice to have the Universal Events name linked with community service. Through our volunteer events, we also get to connect with business leaders in the area, which can lead to unforeseen opportunities down the road.”

Universal Events’ President Discusses the Team-Building Benefits of Volunteering

Harmony and the rest of the Universal Events executive team arrange a broad array of team-strengthening activities for their promotional specialists. The President conceded, however, that few things bring people together more effectively than volunteering as a group. “There’s just something special about helping a good cause that unites people,” she noted. “Our associates come to appreciate each other’s talents even more when they give back as a group.”

Sharing the experience of giving back also helps boost morale and gratitude among a professional team. Harmony explained, “When you see how many people are in great need right in your own backyard, you can’t help but feel better about your station in life. I think our team members return to the office with fresh motivation and perspective after volunteering.”

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