Universal Events' High Achievers Head to Lake Tahoe

Team leaders at Universal Events have qualified to attend an invitation-only retreat at Lake Tahoe. They will spend time networking with other industry leaders from across the US who also qualified to be there.

“I couldn’t be more proud of everyone who will be joining me in Lake Tahoe for this exclusive weekend event,” declared Harmony, the President of Universal Events. “This was a very tough invite to earn: the standards were set very high, and we couldn’t miss a single goal. Our top producers gave it everything they had, and their efforts paid off. I can’t wait for the chance to spend some quality time with the rising stars in our firm and watch us all become a more tightly knit team.”

While Harmony and the Universal Events frontrunners are looking forward to networking with top industry leaders and sharing best practices with professionals from across the country, it’s the opportunity to spend quality time with coworkers that excites them the most. While individual team members are encouraged to achieve personal objectives, it’s only by working together that the firm can continue meeting its growth goals and providing stellar service to D.A.R.E. America.

"I don't consider business travel an expense so much as an investment in team building, however. It's one that pays off extremely well."

Harmony, President

Why Corporate Travel Events Are Considered an Investment in Team Building by Universal Events

“Trips are expensive, so of course we pay attention to the bottom line when it comes to weekend getaways like the one in Lake Tahoe,” Harmony shared. “I don’t consider business travel an expense so much as an investment in team building, however. It’s one that pays off extremely well.”

For example, getting away from the pressure of the office allows Universal Events associates to let their guard down and discuss specific stresses and fears that might be keeping them from reaching their full potential – or are at least slowing them down. Another benefit can be found in the way that colleagues who don’t work side by side under normal circumstances can get to know one another, thus creating interdepartmental bonds that help the whole organization run more smoothly.

“One of the unexpected ways that a weekend retreat works to our advantage is that it helps us discover hidden talents that perhaps we didn’t even know we possessed. There are often group activities that allow us to express our creativity in new ways, and travel inherently requires people to stretch out of their comfort zones, at least a little bit. I can honestly say I learn something new about myself every time I journey away from home, and I’m sure my Universal Events colleagues feel the same,” Harmony concluded. “Spending time together as a team, learning and growing, is a recipe for success that I’m glad to play a part in.”

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