Universal Events Holds Contest for Tony Robbins Tickets

Universal Events' CEO detailed a nationwide competition that puts tickets to Tony Robbins events on the line. She also discussed a few of the prime benefits of sending team members on business trips.

Universal Events leaders are organizing a contest among the industry leaders. People across the nation will compete in several areas, including strong recruiting, building positive habits in the workplace, and being better organized. Harmony, the firm's CEO, explained, "This competition is a chance for event managers to prove themselves while they sharpen their skill sets. There will be three winners, all of whom will earn their way to an exciting event hosted by the legendary Tony Robbins!"

The first-place winner will receive a ticket to a Tony Robbins conference with his or her plane fare and hotel also provided. Second place wins a ticket to the conference along with airfare. The third place winner receives a ticket to the conference. Harmony added, "Some event managers will also be going to Fiji in March for the Robbins University experience, which combines elements of his most-beloved events."

Tony Robbins is one of the most famous motivational speakers in the world. His events focus on everything from personal empowerment to financial freedom, featuring experts who share their insights with attendees. Conferences last three to five days and cover business growth, leadership development, and other essential business subjects. "I know that team members who attend a Tony Robbins event will come back to the Universal Events office freshly motivated to tackle new challenges," the CEO remarked.

Universal Events' CEO Highlights the Benefits of Team Travel

Beyond the lessons learned at conferences, seminars, and other events, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from team travel. Harmony stated, "One of the biggest positive outcomes of our trips is stronger morale. We show our event managers how much we care about their success when we send them to rewarding functions far from the office. They return home more motivated than ever to achieve their goals."

Traveling together also allows members of Team Universal Events to reflect on their work. Getting away from the demands of the daily routine allows people to consider what's going well in their careers and where improvements could be made. Harmony concluded, "Simply having time to think about personal development is enough to kick-start the process. Constant improvement is a major element of our company ethos, so allowing our people the chance to reflect is essential."

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