Universal Events Hosts Contest for Tony Robbins Seminar

Friendly competition, business travel, and professional development are all central components of the Universal Events success strategy. The company's President detailed industry-wide activities that cover all these bases.

“Universal Events is hosting a nationwide contest, through which all professionals in our industry can win a trip to see the “Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power” seminar in November,” said Harmony, the firm's President. "We're the head office in the industry and will be paying for every winner's ticket to the seminar."

Harmony indicated that, at $600, each ticket is a worthwhile investment. It covers the round-trip flights as well as the hotel stay. She also explained that winners are determined by how much funding is raised for the Universal Events partner, by how well they develop others, and by the highest fundraising numbers.

​​"Universal Events is hosting a nationwide contest, through which all professionals in our industry can win a trip to see the "Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power" seminar in November!"

Harmony, President

Universal Events President Elaborates on Tony Robbins’ Seminar, as Well as His Accomplishments

“Anyone who is not familiar with Tony Robbins or his work would do well to get acquainted right away,” Harmony continued. “A top strategist in life as well as business, he is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. He also produces audio and video programs that have reached more than 50 million people in 100 countries. As far as his seminars go, his cumulative audience consists of four million attendees. I'm quite pleased that Universal Events is a catalyst for connecting even more people to this inspiring individual.”

According to Harmony, the upcoming event will focus on unlocking the forces within to break limits and achieve full satisfaction in life. She also referred to Robbins’ own assessment of his program. He indicated, “I’m truly excited and privileged to have this opportunity to share with you the best of what I have learned about personal growth and improvement. Life produces extraordinary rewards for those who give in extraordinary ways. Let’s make a joint commitment today to participate together with a new level of intensity and passion, one that goes far beyond anything we’ve done before. Through our playful, outrageous, and passionate levels of energy, we can make this seminar a life-altering event you will never forget!”

“Of course, we are sure to learn a lot specifically about business and philanthropy from Robbins,” Harmony concluded. “He is connected to dozens of companies in a multitude of industries. He is an award-winner and guide to people whose careers range from casino magnates to pop entertainers. He even helps connect millions of people to healthy meals and fresh water. Schools, prisons, shelters, and service organizations benefit from his efforts as well. Without a doubt, Team Universal Events and all the other winners of this contest will soon be feeling more motivated and energized than ever.”

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