Universal Events Joined Forces With Other Professionals

A group of Universal Events team members recently attended Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power of 2017. Harmony, the company's CEO, indicated that the conference was a huge success for the team.

According to Harmony, professional development has always been a priority for the Universal Events team. By focusing on learning and growing, they have empowered themselves to achieve ambitious goals. This conference hosted by Tony Robbins was a chance to be inspired by a leading authority on business and success.

“It was an engaging event,” Harmony said. “There is no doubt that Robbins is the number one life and business strategist for a reason. He is an extremely inspiring person. A major element of achieving personal and professional success is motivation. Attending this conference gave our whole group a major helping of it!”

"It was an engaging event,"

Harmony, CEO

Harmony brought 18 other hand-selected event managers with her to the event. Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power of 2017 is focused on personal growth and development. In particular, Robbins’ message is to show is that everyone has the potential to achieve his or her goals. Therefore, achieving success is a matter of accessing that untapped potential.

“The four-day event was well-aligned with the Universal Events culture,” Harmony added. “Robbins talked about how passion and focus lead to success. Similarly, he discussed how many limitations are self-imposed. As such, placing a priority on personal growth is the most effective way to achieve forward momentum. I think it was valuable for my team members to hear that message from an outside source.”

Universal Events’ CEO Discussed the Importance of Motivation

Universal Events has achieved success so far thanks to its driven team members, according to Harmony. She asserted that motivation plays a significant role in the company’s growth.

“In the peer-to-peer fundraising space, creativity and energy are essential,” she said. “Our constant goal is to build rapport with audiences and generate awareness for the change agents we represent. Both of these objectives require a lot of energy and dedication. Tony Robbins is a great motivator and strong example of how someone can engage with his or her audience.”

She hailed the event as a significant success for the firm. “Our team is our most valuable asset, so investing into growth and learning is always worthwhile. I am very glad that my team members and I had the opportunity to attend this event and learn from this inspiring individual.”

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