Universal Events' Leaders Meet for Executive Mentoring

- Universal Events' CEO invited her leadership team to a meeting at which she provided guidance and answered questions based on her own experiences in business. This get-together was an extension of the firm's commitment to development.

“We don’t see training as a one-time affair, or something that stops when we reach a certain position,” stated Harmony, CEO of Universal Events. “Personal growth is something we should always be striving for.”

This is the mind-set that Harmony took with her to Orlando, Florida, for a meeting with business leaders in our industry. While there, she and other attendees discussed the best practices from each of their markets, and shared strategies for future success. During the breaks, Harmony met individually with members of the Universal Events leadership team.

"We don't see training as a one-time affair, or something that stops when we reach a certain position,"

Harmony, CEO

“Orlando gave me a chance for some one-on-one mentorship time with managers of Universal Events satellite offices who I don’t get to see on a daily basis,” Harmony explained. “These are proven leaders who don’t need the same kind of support as other members of my team. However, when we get the chance to spend time together, we always take it. No matter how much success a person achieves, we all benefit from guidance − myself included.”

Universal Events’ CEO Discusses Why Guidance Is Important at Every Level

According to Harmony, there are a number of different reasons why guidance is a Universal Events priority. One of the most important is the way people respond when others show a genuine interest in their success. For instance, by proving that she’s personally invested in helping people achieve their goals, Harmony has developed a very loyal team. It’s very common for entry-level brand ambassadors to stay with the firm long-term, advancing into leadership positions and then helping to raise up the next batch of leaders.

“Ambitious people want to grow. They don’t have to be pushed; they just have to be pointed in the right direction,” Harmony explained. “It’s important to identify good fits during the interview process, then from day one we show our support with training, development, and coaching. The message we send is clear: we believe in our team members and know they have what it takes to hit whatever targets they’ve set their sights on. This kind of office environment is magnetic, attracting those who want the chance to prove themselves, and maintaining the loyalty of those who appreciate our unique culture of growth.” 

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