Universal Events Offers Conference Perks, Sets Big Goals

​​​​​The CEO of Universal Events discussed an upcoming leadership conference and how team members are competing for the right to attend. She also outlined the necessity of setting and pursuing ambitious goals.

One of the perks of working for Universal Events is the opportunity to travel to a wide range of industry gatherings. These include leadership conferences, and company leaders have competitions to find out which associates will attend. Harmony, the firm’s CEO, stated, “Whether it’s an event like the upcoming top leaders conference or some other type of industry-wide function, we have those who want to attend send us videos stating the reasons they should be chosen. We pick based on the answers given, and it’s always nice to hear our people’s well-formed arguments.”

"We know we can't afford to just sit back and bask in our accomplishments, and we remind our change innovators that the competition never slows down either."

Harmony, CEO

Harmony and her fellow Universal Events leaders recently held a video competition for the right to venture out to Los Angeles for a leadership conference. Selected team members will attend the conference and get the chance to spend eight hours with the CEO and COO Mike D. “We haven’t chosen the winners just yet,” Harmony noted. “The drawing is coming up soon, though, and I know everyone who submitted a video has fingers crossed in anticipation.”

The CEO believes the benefits of these types of conferences are mainly seen in the realm of networking. She explained, “Meeting representatives and managers from other offices helps to grow our people’s mentalities. It also helps them build their managerial acumen at an accelerated rate.”

Company leaders offer other perks for their top fundraisers as well, and two associates from different ends of the country recently won great prizes. Harmony remarked, “Brendan from our San Diego office and Jannet from the Woodbridge, Virginia office won iPads and subscriptions to Success Magazine. They were rewarded for their major fundraising success.”

Universal Events’ CEO Discusses the Importance of Establishing Aggressive Goals

Every leader within the Universal Events organization encourages ambitious goal setting on a daily basis. Harmony commented, “We know we can’t afford to just sit back and bask in our accomplishments, and we remind our change innovators that the competition never slows down either.” The firm’s ambitious expansion targets ensure that team members will keep aiming high in their own pursuits.

This commitment to goal setting is reflected in how Harmony and her fellow leaders choose who attends conferences and other industry events. She concluded, “We want to see our people take control of their future prospects. When our Universal Events associates compete for the right to attend conferences, they are reminded how valuable it is to hold themselves to high standards.”

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