Universal Events Prepares for Conference, Sets Big Goals

PLEASANTON, CA - Universal Events' President detailed an upcoming national conference to be attended by a few select team members. She also discussed the firm's commitment to setting and pursuing ambitious objectives.

The leaders at Universal Events give their associates many opportunities to enhance their professional acumen. One of the best ways to do so is through team travel, and a few selected individuals from Universal Events will be attending a national conference at the end of July. Harmony, the firm’s President, stated, “Our people have worked hard for the honor of going to this event, and I can’t wait to see how much they grow through the experience.”

The upcoming conference will be focused on the work of DARE. Those associates selected to attend will get to meet DARE leaders and learn more about the group’s uplifting mission. “It’s going to be an inspiring weekend,” Harmony noted. “I have no doubt that we will learn quite a bit, and I’m looking forward to the experience.”

Harmony and her fellow Universal Events executives understand the many benefits that emerge from venturing out to industry conferences and other gatherings. “Our people get to build lasting relationships with high achievers from across the country at these events,” the President added. “Not only that, they also get to share tips and learn new techniques from some of the industry’s most innovative minds. By listening to addresses from influential leaders, they also get inspired to achieve even greater things when they come back to the office.”

Universal Events’ President Outlines the Importance of Setting Aggressive Goals


Members of the Universal Events leadership team emphasize continuous growth and improvement. They don’t allow their associates to rest on their laurels or linger too much over past accomplishments. Harmony commented, “We are always looking ahead, because we know we operate in a hyper-competitive industry. No matter how well things may be going at any given time, we encourage our people to aim higher and challenge themselves to do more. Anything less will lead to falling behind our competition, and we owe much more to the people who trust us to promote their brands.”

Harmony continued, “We are careful to set specific and strategic objectives as we look to a prosperous future. When you have clear goals to pursue, you are much better able to focus your efforts and measure your progress. Universal Events associates know how to leverage their unique talents to hit high targets, and our company continues to grow as a result.”

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