Universal Events Prepares to Celebrate the Holidays

With holiday season already here, many company leaders are considering how to celebrate the season. The managers at Universal Events have several plans in place to support their team's diverse cultures and celebrations.

“This genuinely is a joyful time of year for most team members, and we love to embrace that,” stated Harmony H., Universal Events’ president. “However, it’s important to remain sensitive to those who aren’t necessarily feeling the same cheer for whatever reasons.”

Harmony noted that with respect to various celebrations, Universal Events’ holiday happenings have multiple themes. “One activity we like is to focus on personal holiday traditions,” she added. “To do this, ask each team to share what he or she does to celebrate the holidays. You’ll be surprised at how many different practices or traditions there are. This fun show-and-tell helps us break the ice and recognize that the holidays have varied significance.”

"The other point to remember during the holiday season is that not everyone in the office is going to be feeling as upbeat,"

Harmony, President

“The other point to remember during the holiday season is that not everyone in the office is going to be feeling as upbeat,” Harmony added. “Depression is huge this time of year, because the nostalgia of the season can conjure some pretty deep memories of loved ones lost. Other problems and stresses tend to be magnified during this season, too. Therefore, keep an eye out for each other and be supportive.”

Universal Events on Dos and Don’ts for Holiday Parties

This time of year, many teams like the one at Universal Events are organizing festivities small and large. Harmony offered some tips to ensure these celebrations are safe and fun for everyone. “First, be judicious about alcohol,” she said. “You don’t want to see anyone get into an accident. Some people are not as mindful of their consumption, either, which can lead to other bad decisions. If you do opt to have adult beverages, have a plan for safe rides home.”

Harmony recommended that leaders keep budgets in mind. “You don’t have to have a lavish affair,” she added. “Keep in mind what your associates might enjoy that breaks from your ordinary gatherings. Perhaps they’d be more interested in an overnight at a laser tag center than a sit-down dinner. Decide if guests are welcome because that can up the total.”

“The most important thing to remember is that while holidays come once a year, there’s no reason the feeling of joy and celebration only has to last through December,” Harmony concluded. “Let your celebration be year-round. You’ll find that the excitement of the season can be everlasting.”

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