Universal Events Showcases Top Team Member and Goals

The executives at Universal Events recognized the achievements of one of their top performers. The company's president also discussed the firm's goals for 2015.

The executives at Universal Events are pleased to recognize the accomplishments of Ping W., a nationally ranked field executive. “Ping is one of the top performers in the company,” said Harmony, the firm’s president. “We are proud of her accomplishments, and we’re looking forward to her continued success in our organization.”

From the time Ping joined the company, she has focused her efforts on learning. “Ping never stops expanding her horizons. Through her strong work ethic and determination, she has continually challenged herself to excel for the brands we represent and for herself,” said Harmony.

"Setting goals is imperative if the company is to remain innovative,"

Harmony, President

Harmony went on to say that Ping has recently assumed the role of a coach in the organization.  “Ping’s increased responsibilities have her advancing towards a position in management.”

“From the first time I met her, Ping has demonstrated leadership qualities. She knows to ask questions first, and to seek all possible options before determining the best course of action,” said Harmony. “Even at her job interview, she questioned everything. At first I was a bit taken aback, but then I realized that she was just curious. She understands that being inquisitive gives her the tools she needs to be a strong team player.”

Executives at Universal Events Link Career Advancement to Corporate Goals

The executives at Universal Events understand that career development needs to be closely linked to corporate objectives. “Setting goals is imperative if the company is to remain innovative,” said Harmony. As such, intentions and milestones for the firm are developed under the categories of customer satisfaction, organizational recruiting, team retention, and revenue. “This way we enable our team to continue to produce high-quality promotions,” she said.

Annual goal setting includes team development as well. “As part of our objectives for 2015, we have included milestones that involve training. The company also offers a top-notch coaching program, which pairs upper-level managers and executives with new associates. Like Ping, every individual in our company benefits from a unique career plan. We provide cross-training instruction as well as management training,” said Harmony.

Harmony is optimistic about Ping’s future at Universal Events. “Ping brings some very important leadership qualities to the company,” she said. In the coming months, Ping’s responsibilities will encompass more of a management role, and she will be tasked with coaching associates through multiple marketing campaigns. “I am very excited for Ping. As she continues to hone her leadership skills, she will be even more of an asset to the company,” said the president. “The executive team expects great things from her, and we congratulate her.”

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