Universal Events Staff Vies for March Madness Spots

When it comes to the excitement of March Madness, Universal Events is determined to prove that not all of the talent is on the court. Employees are competing this month to participate in their own version of the Final Four.

“We have a very special opportunity for our staff,” said Harmony, Universal Events’ President. “They will be competing with 64 other individuals from across the nation to be part of the top four stars in the company’s March Madness contest.”

"We have a very special opportunity for our staff."

Harmony, President

Harmony shared that these four winners would be flown to San Francisco, California. They will be treated to a Golden State Warriors game and a special dinner. “It’s a fun competition,” she said. “Our Universal Events employees are working diligently to advance through the brackets. You can see the glimmer in their eyes as they work toward their goals and move forward.”

The firm’s managers also will enjoy participating in a leadership retreat in San Diego. “This is going to be fun,” exclaimed Harmony. “We’ll be staying at a five-star hotel. There will be welcome bags filled with goodies like sunglasses and portable chargers. There will be raffles to Paradise Point Resort & Spa, too. It’s like being at a Hollywood award ceremony!”

According to Harmony, the retreat will feature plenty of fun activities. “People will be able to rent jet skis and enjoy water sports,” she said. “There will be a boat cruise as part of the festivities, as well as a chance to attend a basketball tournament. The first night, we’ll be boarding a party bus that takes us to a brewery, a rooftop bar, and the famous Moonshine Beach Bar in downtown San Diego.”

The crowning event of the retreat is the award ceremony. There are 80 to 90 people who will be recognized. Among them are Tamie and Gil for Fundraising Managers of the Year ($1.5 million for 2016); Darrick for Rookie Manager of the Year; Jerry for Consistency Manager of the Year ($1.2 million for 2016); Jake for Comeback Manager; and Shaina for Manager of the Year.

Universal Events’ President Extols the Virtues of Recognition and Rewards

As Harmony highlighted, these events and travel opportunities significantly boost morale and performance at Universal Events. “When we announce contests, it’s an added incentive to demonstrate one’s value and abilities,” she explained. “There’s a tangible carrot dangled at the end of the stick. This inspires and boosts their efforts.”

“I know that I get excited at a chance to participate in a retreat or conference,” Harmony concluded. “I believe it’s one of the things that helps our employees stay sharp and always ready to contribute to growing our business.”

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