Universal Events Team Gives Back for the Holidays

'Tis the season to give, and who better to receive than those in need? The team at Universal Events has been planning diligently for the opportunity to give back to the community this holiday season.

“Philanthropic activities tend to pick up during the holidays,” noted Harmony H., Universal Events’ president. “The general mood is everyone wants to ensure that the less fortunate feel some cheer. It’s important for our team to participate in this opportunity.”

As such, Harmony shared that the Universal Events team was busy deciding which charitable organizations to support and how they would do so. “We make this a team effort because giving back needs to come from the heart in order to be meaningful,” she explained. “Our giveback campaigns are much more successful when our associates are fully supportive of them.”

"I've always been partial to helping with holiday parties for low-income children or the elderly myself,"

Harmony, President

Harmony discussed that there are many ways to give back to the community during this time of year. “There are food and toy drives for which you can collect goods,” she said. “You can also have your team volunteer to deliver food baskets to the poor. Some places have shopping locations where qualified low-income families might go to select gifts for their children at no cost. Offer to have your team help with setup and serve as shopping assistants.”

The elderly are also in need this time of year. “Here’s a fun opportunity to help two organizations at once,” she said. “Find a local group that’s selling poinsettias or other holiday florals. Order several and ask to have them delivered to residents of a local nursing home who don’t usually have visitors. Better yet, offer to deliver them as a team. You’ll bring them considerable cheer.”

“I’ve always been partial to helping with holiday parties for low-income children or the elderly myself,” Harmony added. “It’s just so rewarding to see their faces light up with excitement.”

Universal Events President Describes How Holiday Parties can Be Giveback Opportunities

As Universal Events’ team plans their holiday giveback campaign, Harmony suggested that company holiday parties can be opportune events to help collect cheer. “In fact, many companies have adopted the practices of requiring associates to bring collectible items to team parties.”

Harmony shared that while food and toy drives are often holiday traditions, these events do not need to be limited to one area. “One firm actually had a drive to collect goods to make care packages for soldiers overseas,” she said. “Things we take for granted like clean t-shirts and underwear are like gold to our men and women in faraway lands.”

Another company adopted a needy family for the holidays. “That team worked with a local food pantry to get a wish list of items,” she added. “The company even had a wrapping station at the holiday party. It’s all about creativity and what’s meaningful to your team.”

“While we’re focused on the holidays, the important thing to remember is that giving back to the community doesn’t have to be limited to a month,” Harmony said. “The need is great all year. Why not spread the joy throughout the other 11 months? I know we’ll be planning that, too.”

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