Universal Events Team Members Enjoy Exotic Retreat

Universal Events' CEO detailed a recent retreat enjoyed by the firm's event managers. She also outlined a few of the most important benefits of traveling to new places as a team.

Last month, members of Team Universal Events had the opportunity to attend a relaxing retreat in Mexico. Harmony, the firm’s CEO, stated, “This trip was a great way to show appreciation for our event managers’ hard work and dedication. They came back to our office freshly inspired to collaborate on big projects and achieve our firm’s biggest goals.”

Travel incentives are prized around the Universal Events office. Team members work hard to earn their way to all kinds of functions, including educational conferences and networking events. Harmony added, “We also organize educational trips to other successful offices so our people can learn what works in other markets. They apply the insights they gain from these excursions to refine our own processes.”

"This trip was a great way to show appreciation for our event managers' hard work and dedication. They came back to our office freshly inspired to collaborate on big projects and achieve our firm's biggest goals."

Harmony, President

Like all team travel events, the Mexico retreat brought the company’s event managers closer on a personal level. “Our people got the chance to see personality traits they might not notice during normal workdays,” the CEO noted. “There’s something about exploring new places together that brings greater appreciation for teammates’ unique talents and interests. The retreat was especially beneficial because there was a lot of downtime for fun in the sun. The conversations our team members engaged in went well beyond typical work matters, so they discovered common ground they never knew existed.”

Universal Events’ CEO Discusses the Benefits of Team Retreats

Along with recognizing great performance, Harmony believes in some overlooked benefits of sending team members on exotic retreats. She explained, “Corporate retreats have a way of elevating team morale back at the office. Sending our team members on unique getaways makes it clear that we’re invested not just in their success, but in their overall well-being. Our people come back to work refreshed and ready to keep aiming high.”

Traveling as a team also allows people to gain fresh perspectives on their work. Harmony added, “Along with networking and learning from other top performers in our industry, our team members get to reflect on what’s going well around Universal Events HQ when they attend retreats and other industry functions. This is an important part of developing greater self-awareness. When they’re away from the demands of everyday work, our event managers get clearer views of what their strengths are and where they still need to make improvements.”

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